A banking problem ?


A bank in peril is not necessarily doomed ; simple ways out do exist without necessarily calling for public money. The undersigned has successfully carried out and finalized banks and finance companies restructuring missions in Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Thaïland and Yemen.

Raymond BIRÉ

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Curriculum vitæ


  • Raymond Biré
  • French citizen


  • Master business administration (Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris, ESCP)
  • Bachelor private law, with Honour, (Paris Law University)
  • Master business law, (Paris Law University)
  • Harvard Business School, Advanced Management Programme


  • French : mother tongue
  • English : fluent
  • Spanish : fluent
  • German : fair


  1. Banks’ restructurings
    • Asmara, Eritrea, 01-2003 to 04-2003, World Bank mission, conversion of an investment bank into a commercial bank.
    • Yemen Bank for Reconstruction and Development, YBRD, Sana’a, Yemen,
      • World Bank mission, 03-1999 to 12-2002
      • Restructuring of all the bank departments with focus on credit and control : substantial decrease in doubtful loans and increase in the relevant provisions.
    • Central Bank of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand
      • World Bank mission, 11-1997 to 12-1998
      • Audit of ten finance companies to enable the Governor of Bank of Thailand to take the most appropriate decisions :
        1. closing down,
        2. increase of capital or ,
        3. carry on with the necessary changes.
    • National Bank of Congo, Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.
      • World Bank mission, 02-1996 to 09-1996
      • Liquidation of a development bank
    • Antananarivo, Madagascar
      • World Bank mission, 10-1995: analysis of the country's banking sector.
  2. Financial consultant
    • UNIDO, United Nations Industrial Development Organization project, Algiers, Algeria, 07-1991 to 08-1992. Establish a finance company designed to operate as a go-between for ten state owned-companies and their relevant banks. At the end of the mission the company was operational.
  3. Commercial Banking
    1. International Bank for West Africa (IBWA)
      • 10-1989 to 05-1991, Paris, General Controller,
      • 08-1986 to 09-1989, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, General Manager of IBWA, Ivory Coast,
      • 02-1980 to 07-1986, Lagos, Nigeria. To begin with Executive Director Branches and thereafter Executive Director Finance.
    2. Bank of America
      • 08-1977 to 09-1979, Caracas, Venezuela, responsible for the follow up of ten state owned companies' accounts,
      • 10-1975 to 07-1977, Regional Office for Europe, Middle East and Africa, London. In charge of credit applications coming from Germany, Austria and Eastern European countries,
      • 09-1972 to 09-1975, Bank of America, Fort de France, Martinique, French West Indies, Branch Deputy Manager,
      • 07-1971 to 08-1972, Bank of America Paris, participating in the inception of a film finance desk.


  1. To participate in banks restructuring missions or countries’ banking systems restructuring missions,
  2. Training of bank’s Officers.


References are available on request.


  • Raymond Biré
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  • Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.